Jul 31, 2014

SSLP trustee calls on legal profession to follow SSLP's lead on recruitment

SSLP trustee and action against the police solicitor Sophie Khan reports that the legal profession needs to change its recruitment policies to improve diversity and tap into the wealth of legal talent amongst ethnic minorities.

The Metropolitan Police will implement a new recruitment strategy from August this year and only employ people wanting to become officers if they have been living in London for at least three years. It is hoped the policy will increase diversity so the force better reflects the capital's population and improves relations between them.

The idea was proposed by SSLP last year to the GLA's Stop and Search Working Group.

In her article Sophie says the legal profession should learn from other organisations providing frontline services to the public.

She wrote: "The Macpherson Report in 1999 found that the Metropolitan Police was institutionally racist. No steps were taken to change the status quo of the police service and as a result this led to a breakdown in trust and respect for the police. The Metropolitan Police is now trying to repair the damage caused and have launched a new recruitment policy to ‘reflect diversity’"

"We must recognise the unique contributions that ethnic minorities can bring to our firms and take advantage of their skill and knowledge which cannot be taught. Lawyers from different cultural and religious backgrounds are an untapped resource. They can relate to a wider audience and contribute to the long-term marketability of the firm."

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